I’m Back!

Warner's Safe Cure London Pint and Half Pint

Well, I tried to put that break to good effect and have collected some more material for posts. I tried to change the theme of this page, but could not make it work. For those of you who are not into blog design, the theme is the general layout of the page. I am not unhappy with my current theme, but thought a change would be nice. Oh well. 

I hope you all will continue to give me ideas so I can keep this blog interesting and accurate. Thanks for your patience and keep coming back.


4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Hey I just uncovered all my old pictures. I have the slide shows from the South Central Wisconsin bottle club that we lent out to clubs for programs. It includes my taped explanation of each slide. I haven’t gone through them yet but I will try to look at them and send you a copy to look at.
    I did go over my black and white pictures of my collection and I did have a clear and a light green Diabetes Remedy. I will send that to you also. You can’t see the green because it is black and white but it is definitely a darker shade of clear. I remember it being a light apple green.

  2. Thanks Mike. I look forward to seeing them and posting as many as I can. I would love to find a way to tie a slide show into this site. The light apple green Diabetes Remedy sounds like a gem.

  3. I just came across a Warner’s K&L Cure (Rochester, blob top, not lettering on bottom) that does not have an apostrophe (WARNER S). This bottle was found in NY state in a dump that was closed in the early 1920’s. Is the absence of the apostrophe significant?

    • John,

      The absence of the apostrophe may be a mold error. I have not encountered that before, although, over the years, I have seen lots of mold errors. These are likely do to the fact that Warner probably contracted with the lowest bidder for his bottles. Depending on the overall condition of the bottle, the absence of the apostrophe might enhance the value slightly, but not significantly since the K&L Cure is the most common Safe Cure bottle. Can you send me a pic showing the absence of the apostrophe?


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