Warner’s Safe Errors: 3-Cities Safe Cure “Reversed N’s”

Although the Warner’s reversed or left hand safe is perhaps the most classic of Warner’s error bottles, one of the rarest is the 3-Cities Reversed N’s. This bottle (only one example is known) is in all other respects a typical Toronto (3-Cities) Safe Cure. However, upon close inspection of the embossing along each side, the error becomes clear. The “N’s” in London, England and in Toronto, Canada are all reversed. It is astonishing that the glassmaker that assembled the mold that produced this bottled so completely flubbed the letters.  Having said that, I suspect that the person doing the assembly was required to assemble the letters in reverse, so getting the “N’s” backwards is understandable.  I suspect it was an error that was quickly caught by quality control, which explains the rarity of this unique bottle.

The Warner’s Reference Guide lists it as 69A and notes its status as a one-of-a-kind. Thanks to Ed Ojea for the photographs of this rare bottle.


6 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Errors: 3-Cities Safe Cure “Reversed N’s”

  1. There appears to be at least two of these reverse “N”
    Warners in existence, as one recently sold on Ebay from the UK for 280 Pounds

  2. Steve,

    You are correct. I guess records are made to be broken. I will need to update my post to reflect the emergence of this second Reversed “N” Three Cities. Were you the lucky bidder?

  3. Unfortunately not ! Seller did descrbe it as “very
    rare” but I never realised how rare until I read your comments. On reflection the buyer got a very rare Warners for a good price.

  4. Whoever got that bottle, got it for a steal. Just shows you that rare Warner’s can turn up on eBay, but you have to be watching and know what you are looking for.

  5. I have one with backward n’s in Toronto. Can’t recall if in London England also. Are there several varieties? Must find mine .. packed away.

    • Dave,

      Have only seen the reversed “N”‘s in the 3-City bottle. If you have one from London, please send me a photo! Thanks.


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