Warner’s Foreign Offices: Toronto (3-Cities) Revisited

Back in June, when I first wrote about the Warner’s Safe Cure office in Toronto, I promised to update you as I came across additional material. Well, thanks in no small part to the work of Wayne Harris in Australia, I can keep that promise.  When I profiled the London Office, I was able to provide you with a fairly complete list of the addresses at which that office was located from its inception to its demise. Toronto was another story. I was never able to find any published material that provided that information. Thankfully, Wayne had been doing research on the Toronto Office and was kind enough to pass along (as best as he can tell) the locations of the Toronto Office duing its existence.

The listings for the Toronto Office were as follows:

1883     H. H. Warner & Co., 18 Front Street East, Toronto. Proprietary Medicines.[This is the first listing for Warner in Toronto].

1894     No Listing for H. H. Warner.

1895     Warner’s Safe Cure Co., 42 Lombard Street.

1896     No Listing for Warner’s Safe Cure Co.

1899     The Warner Safe Cure Co., E. H. Woolley, Agent, 44-46 Lombard Street.

1906     Edward H. Woolley & Sons are listed at the Corner of Atlantic & Pacific Avenues.

1909     Edward H. Wooley & Sons are listed at the Corner of Atlantic & Hanna Avenues.

1922     No Listing for Warner’s Safe Cure Co., but listing for E. H. Woolley & Son at 348-350 Sorauren Avenue.

1924     E. H. Woolley & Sons listed at 42 Wellington Avenue.

1929     No Listing for  E. H. Woolley & Sons.

1937     E. H. Woolley & Sons and Warner’s Safe Remedies Co. both listed at 3rd Floor, Caulk Building, West Side, 172 John Street.

1938     The last mention of the Woolley firm and Warner’s Safe Remedies Co.

1939     No mention of Warner’s Safe Remedies Co. and the Woolley firm appears to have fragmented.

Wayne notes that although the Warner’s Safe Cure Co. and its successors as well as the E. H. Woolley & Sons firm are not continuously listed at various times, the Woolley firm likely acted as agents for The Warner Safe Cure Co. and its successors from 1899 until 1939.

Special thanks to Wayne and his contacts in Canada for running down this information, which has not been published previously to my knowledge. It raises the question of whether any of the buildings that served as offices for the Toronto branch are still standing. As I am well distant from Toronto, that’s a question someone else will have to answer.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Foreign Offices: Toronto (3-Cities) Revisited

  1. Hello Steve
    Joe Sikora here
    I have read your Blog on the offices in Canada which was very interesting
    Could you please let me have Wayne Harris contact address
    Or give him mine as I would like to get in contact with him
    I live in Queensland Australia
    Thank you. Joe. 0405631621

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