Warner’s Safe Cure: “Big Print” London Safe Cure

A few years ago, someone showed me one of the most unusual Warner’s Safe Cures I had ever seen. In most respects it appeared to be a typical half pint London Safe Cure, with one major exception. The words “Safe Cure” are very large and very crude. At first, I assumed that this was some kind of mold error. But it’s not really an error. Nothing is misspelled or reversed. The only oddity is the size of the print.

I’ve only seen one example of this bottle, but understand that one other may exist. Accordingly, it should be considered rare and consequently more valuable than the normal London half pint. Take a look at the picture above and tell me what you think. Thanks to Ed Ojea for the photograph of this unique bottle.


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: “Big Print” London Safe Cure

  1. SAFE CURE kind of screams out at you on this bottle. I have a similar bottle but the letters are not as large. I was looking at mine this morning and took a picture of it to compare and the letters on my bottle are big but not screaming big like this one. There must have been a lot of different molds – why the bigger letters?? – maybe an apprentice that thought bigger letters on the bottles looked better. “Warner’s” almost looks washed away. The blob top doesn’t look like a typicle London bottle, actally looks more like a Melbourne.

  2. Kevin,

    No one knows why the “Big Print” was used. I only know of two in existence. I purchased one off of eBay thinking it might be a “Big Print,” but was disappointed when it was not. Judging from the very few known to ezist, I have to assume that the run of this version was very limited. You will note that as with other amber London half pints, the words “Safe Cure” are on two lines rather than one, as is the case with the olive variety.


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