Warner’s Safe Asthma Cure/Remedy

Although most Warner’s collectors focus on the glass bottles, there are other Warner products that deserve attention. Perhaps one of the most desirable of those non-glass Warner collectibles is the tin that contained the Warner’s Safe Asthma Cure or Asthma Remedy. Very few of these tins exist, because proper use of the product damaged or destroyed the container. Unlike the Safe Cures or Log Cabin Remedies, the Asthma Cure was not designed to be taken internally. Instead, the instructions advised the user to “burn a half teaspoonful in the cover or saucer. Inhale the fumes.”  This burning certainly damaged the cover of the tin and over time may have damaged the rest of the container. This perhaps explains the exceeding rarity of these tins.

Never one to miss the opportunity to cross-market his products, Warner instructed users of his Asthma Cure that patients reported improved health after using a dozen bottles of Warner’s Safe Cure to purify their blood and Warner’s Safe Pills to “keep the bowels free.” The Safe Asthma Remedy dropped the endorsement of the Safe Cure, but kept the reference to the Safe Pills. Both of these endorsements echo an important theme in the patent medicine community, which believed that all disease sprang from a diseased liver or kidneys or the failure of the bowels to function properly.

If you are fortunate enough to come across an example of Warner’s Safe Asthma Cure/Remedy, don’t miss the chance to add it to your collection. Thanks to Jack Stecher for pictures of these unique items.


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