Warner’s Safe Cure: Beautiful Londons!

Those of you that have followed this blog know that I have, on occasion, expressed my humble opinion that the Safe Cures from London are my personal favorites, because of the array of colors in which they appear. Mind you, I am not dismissing the importance or desirability of Warner’s from any of the other foreign offices, only noting that the title for the widest and most varied selection of colors belongs to the Brits.

Usually one has to see of display at a bottle show or in someone’s home to really appreciate the beauty of these bottles when displayed alongside one another. Every once in a while, such a display appears on the internet and deserves a second look. Recently, a British collector listed a selection of London gems on eBay and offered up some great pictures. Here, with the persmission of andrewb6296, is a second look. Cheers!


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