Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Expo 2008 in York, Pennsylvania

Beautiful weather and a really nice show, what more could you ask for? Okay, a few showers, but otherwise delightful for August. Better yet, the Warner’s Safe Cures, Tippecanoes and Log Cabin Remedies were here for the picking during the dealers set-up and early admission. Many of us who worked on the Great Warner’s Safe Cure Exhibit  (“GWSCE”) in 2001 in Rochester, including Jack Stecher, Dave Kyle, Andy Lange and Bob Sheffield had a chance to catch-up. Andy was the clear winner as far as rare Warner’s on his sales table, including two London samples, a strap sided London Compound, a half-pint aqua London Safe Cure, two Pressburg Safe Cures (Green and Aqua), a labelled  olive London Diabetes Cure (perhaps one-of-a-kind), two Frankfurt half pint Nervines (in amber and green), a Frankfurt Diabetes Cure, a grass green Rochester Diabetes Remedy and two labelled Log Cabin Remedies with the orginal boxes. Seldom will you see so many bottles on the Warner A-List in one place, at one time. Nice work Andy!

When I was not drooling over Andy’s selection, I did manage to make it around the rest of the show. From Jack Stecher I got one of the original Safe Cure Almanacs from 1879-1880 and the London Almanac from 1888-1889. I have never seen either of these almanacs for sale before and neither had Jack. They had been in Dave Kyle’s collection.

In addition to the GWSCE, the show included folks from down under, who brought some of their Warner’s along. Wayne and Lorna Humphries from New Zealand came with Andy as well as James and Sandy Bell from Australia. Needless to say, they get the award for the longest journey. Perhaps the best thing was that there were Warner’s at almost every level from that for the beginning collector to that for the most seasoned collector. In addition to a host of Rochester Kidney & Liver Cures, Safe Remedies Company bottles and Kidney & Liver Remedies, I saw three Safe Bitters, four Animal Cures (including a light amber London, an olive London and an amber 3 Cities),  and a slug plate Rochester half-pint Nervine. In addition to the Safe Almanacs, Jack brought along so other go-withs, including vintage photos of the Warner Mansion and the Warner Observatory, several Benton’s Hair Growers and several stereoscope slides of Warner Island.

This Expo was a delight. Thanks to the Federation for a wonderful job. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Expo 2008 in York, Pennsylvania

  1. Hi,

    I found your website because I have an old Warners bottle I bought when I was a kid about 50 years ago; it looks very much like the Warners Safe Compound bottle. only it says on the label:

    it has a picture of a safe with the words “TRADE MARK”
    written on it, says 12 1/2 FLUID OUNCES

    There is more, but I figure you guys know what this is and if it is rare. I haven’t seen to many old bottles with the label on them, the cork intact with the contents still in them, so I think it is at least rather unusual.

    Let me know if you are interested in it.

    Steve Starr

  2. Steve,

    That is a nice bottle. Without the label and contents, I would consider it common, but with label and contents, it bumps it up the scale a bit. I assume it is amber in color. One other piece of information is important. Does the embossing on the bottle say “Warner’s Safe Remedies Co.” or “Warner’s Remedies Co.” (the word “Safe” is missing)?


    P.S. Glad you found the site and I hope you will share it with others!

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