A Visit to York

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors is set to hold its 2008 Expo in York, Pennsylvania and I could not resist making the five hour drive north. This will be my first Expo, although I have been collecting bottles from 30 years. This year, however, the show was in driving range and I decided it should not be missed. Also, some of the collectors who participated in the Great Warner’s Safe Cure Exhibit  in 2001 will be here, so its a reunion of sorts. Not sure how many Warner’s Safe Cures are lurking about, be I will keeps my eyes peeled.

I have brought my digital camera along and will make sure to post some photos of the Expo. York, Pennsylvania, also known as the White Rose City, is a picturesque town nestled in South Central Pennsylavania. It dates back prior to the Revolutionary War and served as the temporary capital of the Continental Congress giving it a claim to being the first capital of the United States. I’ll let the historians debate that, I’m here in search of Warner’s and the Expo begins tomorrow, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “A Visit to York

  1. I just came across this piece about Andy Lang and his Warner’s at the Expo in York. I am a little disturbed that you used two pictures of my sale table but failed to mention who they belonged to.

    Russell Dean

    • Russell,

      Sorry for the omission. It was inadvertent. Let me know which of the pictures were of your table and I am happy to update the post to include you.


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