The Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire: Life After Safe Cure (Part IX)

Although H. H. Warner lost control of the Safe Cure business that he had coaxed into existence in 1879 and grown into an international success, he apparently never lost his entrepeneurial spirit. Unfortunately for him, he never experienced any degree of success.  Following his bankruptcy filing in 1893, Warner separated from his second wife, Emily Olive Stoddard, and moved for a time to New York City. There is some speculation that he attempted to form another medicine company in Philadelphia in 1908-1915; however this has not been documented. It has also been speculated that he moved for a period to Mexico, looking after lumber investments. While there, he may have met Christina de Martinez, who later took Warner’s name and resided with him in Minneapolis.

Between 1915 and 1919, Warner promoted yet another medicine business, the Nuera Manufacturing Company or Nuera Remedy Company in Minneapolis. At the time of Warner’s death in January, 1923, it was referred to as the Guaranteed Remedy Company and thereafter as Warner’s Renowned Remedies Company.  The 1924 Minneapolis City Directory lists the Warner’s Renowned Remedies Company managed by R. P. Rutherford located at 728 Security Building. The Security Building was located at 2nd Avenue South and 4th Street and later became known as the Midland Bank Building. I have included two photographs of the building from the archives of the Hennepin County Public Library in Minneapolis. Judging from the vehicles in one of the photographs, it appears that they were taken in the early 1930’s.

Following his death, a small advertising booklet for Warner’s Renowned Remedies heralded “Dr. H. H. Warner” as “Humanities benefactor – Founder and Former Owner – Warner’s Safe Remedies. It offers numerous mail order only remedies for ailments like Goiter, Stumak, Ake, Gall Stone, Vaginal and the Renowned Kidney Remedy. Christina de Martinez Warner was never officially married to H. H. Warner. Indeed, there is no evidence that he had ever divorced Emily. Nevertheless, Christina lived with Warner on Blaisdell Avenue in Minneapolis. Minneapolis City Directories for that period list C. M. Warner is listed as widow of H. H. Warner and president of the Warner’s Renowned Remedies Company from 1930 to 1933 and vice-president between 1934 and 1941. The last record for the company was in 1942 and listed Mrs. Eva Ross as president. Christina died in 1949.

After his death in 1923, Warner was buried in his first wife’s family plot in Lakeview Cemetery in Skaneateles, New York. The grave is located in an old area of the cemetery and marked with an impressive red marble gravestone.

Special thanks to Jack Stecher who has thoroughly researched Warner’s life, including his life after he left the Safe Remedies Company in Rochester. Jack has published his work in his articles entitled “H. H. Warner: World Renowned Patent Medicine KIng – Biographical Sketch.” Thanks also to the Hennepin County Library for their assistance in researching the Minneapolis City Directories and finding photographs of the Security Building.


7 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire: Life After Safe Cure (Part IX)

  1. I am restoring an antique safe. It is from approx. 1871. It has orig. lettering on it that reads…”Mosler Bahmann & Co. Cinn. Ohio” at top of door. At the bottom of the door it reads…”H.H. Warner Gen’l Ag’t. Rochester NY”. Just thought i’de let you know and wondered if anyone had info on it. It is complete and i am looking forward to restoring it. Thanks, Matt Lamborn…Nahum 1:7.

  2. Hello Steve…it has been quite sometime since i’ve been on here….you can find my safe restoration on facebook….search for Matt’s antique safe restoration…take care. Matt

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