Warner’s Foreign Offices: Frankfurt A/Main (1887 – 1900)


The year 1887 was significant for H. H. Warner. It saw the opening of his office in Melbourne, Australia as well as a new office in Frankfurt, Germany. While he was busy expanding his presence on two continents, he also launched a new line of products called Log Cabin Remedies. It seemed that there was very little he could not do. Before the end of that year, he would help found the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and begin serving as its first president.

Frankfurt A/M or Frankfurt a/main, which is embossed on the Frankfurt bottles refers to the fact that the city is located on the Main River and is used to distinguish it from another German city of the same name located on the Oder River. Frankfurt A/M is located in an administrative region of the country referred to as “Darmstadt.” Indeed, one of the two labelled Safe Cures pictured above is referred to as a “Darmstadt”  Frankfurt variant, because its label bears the name of that region. While labelled Frankfurt Safe Cures are rare, the Darmstadt label ranks as the rarest of the rare. The label is noticeably different with the safe having a white center rather than a dark one.

Unlike its counterpart in Melbourne, the office in Frankfurt remained open only until about 1900. This accounts for the relative scarcity of Frankfurt bottles. The bottles appear generally in amber and olive green; however, an occasional blue-green example will surface (see above) and commands a nice premium. The amber variants are usually the harder bottles to get, especially in a light or honey amber. The reference to the Main River that appears immediately after “Frankfurt”  is abbreviated either A/M or a/main. The “a/main” is the rarer of the two. The Safe Cure appears in a pint (amber or green) and an ABM variant exists which is hard to find. There are also Diabetes and Nervine (pint and half pint) variants which are rare. To my knowledge, no Frankfurt Safe Rheumatic Cure has surfaced. It is possible that it existed in a Safe Cure bottle with a Rheumatic Cure label, but I have not seen an example of that.

The photos are from my collection as well as courtesy of Jack Stecher and Glass Works Auctions.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Foreign Offices: Frankfurt A/Main (1887 – 1900)

  1. Hi ..

    I have inherited three ‘Frankfurt’ 1 pint bottles.
    1 amber safe cure ( a/main)
    1 light olive green safe cure( A/M)
    1 darkish olive green safe cure( A/M)very short blob

    Any feedback I’d be happy to hear as they are not chipped or cracked.

    • Geoff,

      The Frankfurt Safe Cures are nice bottles. Although the green Frankfurts are generally nicer looking, the ambers are harder to get. Frankfurts embossed “a/main” rat her than “A/M”are the rarest and are quite valuable as are the half pint Frankfurt Nervines. I would say, depending on condition, that your olive Safe Cures would go in the range of $200-300 and the amber $300-350. In one of my recent posts, a green Frankfurt Nervine half pint went for $1725. Nice gift.


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