Warner’s Safe Promotions: Safe Dominoes

If there was one overriding theme that unites what Atwater has called Warner’s Perfect Pitch, it was his ability to get his product name into every facet of the American home of the late 19th and early  20th Centuries. This type of marketing took many forms and included both items distributed at no cost (free samples, trade cards and almanacs) and those distributed at minimal cost (cookbooks, thermometer, prize map). These items provided the potential consumer with helpful information, including what proported to be health information to allow the public to diagnose and treat themselves with a little help from H. H. Warner.

One popular Warner promotional item was a box of dominoes. The simple wooden box contained 28 dominoes imprinted with the names of Warner’s products including his Safe Cures, Log Cabin Remedies, Tippecanoe, Safe Yeast and Rose Cream.  One half of the front label stated:

Compliments of your Grocer



The right side of the label urged:


Warner’s Safe Remedies


Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies


Yet another ingenious way that Warner kept his name in front of the public. As you can imagine, the dominoes are highly collectible and sought after by Warner’s collectors. This is especially true of sets that are in good condition. Often, the dominoes have become separated from the wooden box or some of the domino tiles are missing. If you have a complete set with the original box, consider yourself lucky.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Promotions: Safe Dominoes

    • Hi Carl,

      The Warner dominoes are a nice go-with for Warner collectors. I think the fastest way to sell them would be on eBay. Not sure how much you want for them.


      • That seems like a fair asking price assuming you have the complete set and the box. Good luck on your sale.

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