“RARE” Warner’s Safe Cure??

I really try to check my opinions at the door when writing this blog, but every once in a while, I feel the need to hop on my soapbox. Now is such an occasion.

I am consistently troubled by the fact that with some frequency, sellers on Ebay and other auction sites refer to a particular Warner’s bottle as “rare.”  Indeed, there are rare Warner’s variants to be sure and I have taken a stab at providing a list of the ones that I  (and others with whom I have consulted) consider “rare.”  See The Rarest Warner’s and The Rarest Warner’s: The “A” Lists.

Just this afternoon, I was looking at one of the auction sites and noticed that someone had listed an aqua Safe Remedies Co. bottle as “rare.” Poppycock. While that bottle is a staple in any Warner’s collection, it is by no stretch of the imagination “rare.” Even with a full label, contents and orginal box, it would be considered “scarce.”

In their Warner’s Reference Guide, Ojea and Stecher define “RARE” as “seldom found,” which is a similar definition to that offered by Webster’s Nineth Edition Collegiate Dictionary, which defines it as “seldom occuring or found.” I suppose that the watch word for such listings is caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware’). If you are starting a collection that includes Warner’s Safe Cures, do your homework and know what it is that you are buying. For those who insist upon listing Safe Remedies Co. and Kidney & Liver Cure bottles as rare. Shame on you.

I’ll try to stay off my soapbox, unless absolutely necessary.


One thought on ““RARE” Warner’s Safe Cure??

  1. I couldnt agree with you more!!! AND, thank you very much for this website as I collect cure bottles along with bitters and get very tired with every other bottle listed as “rare” when they are not. I am just now going thru all the info that you have installed here, and am glad that you have made this site/blog.many thanks…..Andy Volkerts

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