Warner’s Foreign Offices: Toronto (3 Cities) (1882/3 – 1939)

In the same year that Warner opened his office in London (or perhaps 1882), he also opened an office in Toronto, Canada. The bottles produced by that office have become know as “3-Cities,” because they bear the names of all of his foreign offices operating at that time: Rochester, London and Toronto. Unlike the London and Rochester Offices, there seems to be precious little information on the Toronto Office. If anyone has more information about the Toronto Office or any papers related to it, I would love to hear from you. Wayne Harris in Australia has been doing research on it and is helping me to put together the puzzle.

What we do know about the Toronto Office is that it produced some very desirable bottles. The “3-Cities” bottles as they have become known included a Safe Cure (pint), Safe Diabetes Cure (pint) and Safe Nervine (pint and half-pint). To my knowledge, all of the 3-Cities bottles appear in amber only, which may be the most diappointing aspect of these variants. Also, for whatever reason, no 3-Cities Rheumatic Cure has ever surfaced. Needless to say, if one ever does, its value would be considerable. Of the known 3-Cities variants, the half pint Nervine is considered the rarest and prized by Warner collectors. Both the Diabetes and Nervine pints are also very difficult to find.

Several years ago, an interesting variant appeared. It was a 3-Cities Safe Cure, but with an interesting twist. Instead of having the countries of England and Canada spelled out, this variant abbreviated both as “LONDON-ENG” and “TORONTO-CAN”. This variant also has a blob lip as opposed to the double collar that graced the Canadian 3-Cities. It has been suggested that this variant is not from Canada at all, but rather from either the United States or England. The example in my collection came from England, so I tend to subscribe to that country as the point of origin and I refer to the variant as the English 3-Cities. The counterpoint to that conclusion is that the 3-Cities Animal Cure also abbreviated England and Canada, so you are left to draw you own conclusions.

As I find out more about the elusive Toronto Office, I will let you know.

NOTE: In light of information recently provided by Wayne Harris in Australia, I have revised the closing date of the Toronto Office from the 1920’s to 1939. [10/2/08].


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Foreign Offices: Toronto (3 Cities) (1882/3 – 1939)

    • Jayson,

      What would you like to know? I have owned several 3-Cities with labels over the years. Please send some pictures along if you can and I will post them.


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