Warner’s Safe Wooden Boxes

In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, there was no plastic and cardboard had not become as widespread as it is today. Instead, manufacturers relied on wooden boxes to ship goods from the factory to the marketplace.

Although this packaging was undoubtedly considered trash and promptly dispatched to the dump, we are fortuate that some examples of Warner’s Safe wooden boxes were preserved. The example most frequently seen is the box for Safe Kidney & Liver Cure from Rochester. Much rarer is the wooden box for Warner’s Safe Remedy. In my years of collecting Warner’s, I have only run across one. The Safe Cure box from Melbourne pictured is also rare. Finally, examples of wooden boxes for both the large and small sizes of Safe Yeast have surfaced, but would be considered scarce.

I have never run across wooden boxes for Safe Diabetes Cure, Safe Nervine, Safe Rheumatic Cure, the various Safe Bitters or Tippecanoe, but I would love to see an example of one. I am sure they existed, but, perhaps, because they were produced in smaller quanities than the ubiquitous Safe Cure, few have survived.


5 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Wooden Boxes

  1. Have just purchased The Melbourne Box from a town called Geelong in Australia ( i live near by ) very similar to the one pictured, with some subtle differences, just thought id let you know, cheers Craig

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