The Warner’s Safe Blog crossed a threshold in the last 24 hours. We reached 1,000 views since it was started in mid-March. I know there are blogs that get 1,000 views or more in a day, but we Warner’s collectors are a select few. I hope that the blog is providing you with good and interesting information.

Please keep watching and send me your pictures, comments and questions.


4 thoughts on “1,000 Views!

  1. Kevin,

    In the interest of full disclosure. The picture was taken at Jack Stecher’s house in Rochester and not my own. The collection in the background, including the labelled Animal Cure belonged to Jack. I have a pretty nice collection, including many labelled Warner’s, but alas, no labelled Animal Cure.


  2. I have recently acquired a H.H. Warner 3 1/3 cent internal revenue stamp. I’m having trouble finding anything out about it. Any ideas?

  3. Jackie,

    I am not an expert on tax stamps, but my understanding is that they were originally used to raise money during the Civil War and continued into the late 19th Century to support the Spanish-American War. I can say that Warner also used them as a visible means to show the consumer that the product was genuine and not a fraud. I have done a couple of posts entitled “Beware of Fraud” that talk about that topic. Also, you may want to look at the following site that has some great images of Warner tax stamps along with additional information.



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