Warner’s Safe Cure: The “A” Lists

About three weeks ago, I proposed putting together a list of the Top 10 Warner’s and solicited the thoughts of collectors. (See The Rarest Warner’s posted April 10, 2008). Although no one went on record with comments,  I got a few back channel lists, which gave me some pause to wonder if it is possible to come up with a fair Top 10.

The lists I got suggested that there is general agreement on the rarity of a number of Warner’s bottles based, not surprisingly, on the difficulty in acquiring them. However, the lists don’t completely coincide with each other or with my own list. Consequently, I think the best way for me to approach this is to highlight the rarest Warner’s without assigning them a numerical value. In the end, it is the independent judgment of each collector that counts. Here, in no particular order, are what I consider to be the “hardest gets” among Warner’s. The first list is bottles, then labelled bottles, and finally mold errors or non-bottles:


London Safe Cure Pint and Half Pint in Aqua

Frankfurt Nervine Pint in Amber

Pressburg Diabetes Cure Pint in Amber

London Safe Compound (5 1/2″ strap sided) in Amber

Tippecanoe in Green only

Four Cities Rheumatic Cure Pint

Frankfurt Safe Cure Half Pint in Aqua or Amber

Three Cities Nervine Half Pint

Pressburg Safe Cure in Aqua

London Safe Cure Sample in Green

Rochester Rheumatic Remedy in Aqua only

London Rheumatic Cure in Green only

London Safe Nervine Half Pint in Aqua

Melbourne Safe Remedies Pint in Amber

Frankfurt Diabetes Cure Pint in Amber

Rochester Kidney & Liver Remedy in green only

Melbourne Safe Nervine Half Pint in Green

(Yeah I know, that’s more than 10)

Labelled Bottles:

Labelled Three Cities Animal Cure

Labelled  “Diabetic Cure” Pressburg Safe Cure Pint in Amber

Labelled Diabetes Cure London Pint in Olive Green

Labelled Pressburg Safe Cure Pint in Amber

Labelled Frankfurt Nervine Half Pint in Green

Labelled London Safe Compound (5 1/2″ strap sided) in Amber

Labelled French Safe Cure on London Safe Cure Pint in Amber

Labelled Rochester Warner’s (No Safe) Remedies Co. in 12 1/2 and 6 oz. sizes in Amber

Labelled Rochester Diabetes Remedy Free Sample in Amber

Labelled Rochester Safe Cure Free Sample in Amber

Labelled Log Cabin Scalpine

Labelled Warner’s Compound Screw Top (3 3/4″ and 2 3/4″)

Mold Errors/Non-Bottles:

Rochester Warner’s (No Safe) Remedies Co. in 12 1/2 and 6 oz. sizes in Amber (considered to be a mold error)

Three Cities Safe Cure w/ Reversed “N’s” in the city names

London Big Print Safe Cure in Light Amber

Rochester “8 0z” Safe Nervine in Amber

Asthma Cure Tin

Safe Yeast Container

Honorable Mentions:

Frankfurt Safe Cure Pint in ABM only in Amber

London Animal Cure in Olive Green

Frankfurt Nervine Half Pint in Amber and Green

Three Cities Safe Cure Pint w/ Abbreviated Countries (e.g “LONDON, ENG.”) Sometimes called the English Three Cities

Rochester Diabetes Remedy in clear only

Rochester Safe Cure (not K&L Cure)

I am sure that I have left something off these lists and welcome corrections and suggestions. I think it is “safe” to say that if you include any of the above bottles in your collection, you are playing in the big leagues. However, there are plenty of great Warner’s bottles that aren’t on any of the above lists. Best of luck!

Photos from left to right: London Compound (5 1/2″) strap sided; (No Safe) Remedies Company in 12 1/2 oz and 6 oz sizes; Pressburg Safe Cure in aqua; 4-Cities Rheumatic Cure and Melbourne Safe Remedies Pint.





15 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: The “A” Lists

  1. I think that the olive green Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy deserves to be mentioned here also somewhere. I found a piece of one once and still have it. I saw one on a table without a price in Mansfield and have heard of one more. Also where is the Warner’s safe cure (safe) Rochester pint I’ve had two of these over the years and you don’t see them often either. Also these probably will not start showing up any time soon. Unfortunately when they start digging up Europe you can never tell what will be found.

  2. Mike,

    Good to hear from you again. I wanted to get in touch with you when I started this blog, but the email I had for you no longer worked. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for adding to this blog as you are one of the original Warner’s experts.

    I had not seen an example of the olive K&L, but would agree that it should be included. Also the Rochester Safe Cure is a hard get as well. I got one a few years ago at the Baltimore Show and have not seen another since then.


  3. Steve,
    I have still a large quantity of Warner bottles. Probably 30 or so. Mostly what I dug and examples of each of the more common ones. I still enjoy all the Warner bottles and it is nice to remember the ones that I had most are on the list.
    Labeled w/contents Animal cure
    Lots of green and amber London animal cures (If you read the addendum to Agee’s second cure book it describes my quandry when I first got them)
    I had almost all if not all of the labeled and boxed log cabin bottles including the Hair tonic box.
    All the slug plate bottles
    An asthma powder (picked it up in a drug store sale for the listed price)
    Clear Diabetes Remedy and KL Remedy
    No safe Safe Remedies both sizes
    Almost all the almanacs
    When we went to Rochester when the display was there, I got a chance to walk into the lobby of the old Warner building. That was a moving experience. You could almost feel the wagons being filled and moved out of there with full cases of cures. There is a small sign in the lobby that is nice.
    I’ll keep in touch. I can add lots of stories. email

  4. In light of Mike’s suggestions, I have updated this list to include the green Rochester Kidney & Liver Remedy on the “A” List and the clear Rochester Diabetes Remedy and Rochester Safe Cure as Honorable Mentions. Thanks Mike.

  5. Steve,
    When I looked back in my book I also mention a Diabetes Remedy that was green. I had one and it was a real light green-clear color. I’ll look around to see if I have a photo. I’ll also dig through the SCWBC slide show on Warner to see if it is there.

  6. I live in New Brunswick, Canada. During a recent heavy rain, a washout exposed a 12 1/2 oz green Warners Safe Remedies Co., Rochester, N.Y. with an 88 embosed on the bottom. Worth anything? Thanks for your attention.

  7. I have two copies of a two sided coloured flyer that says on the front ” compiments of your druggist”. Inside is all about H Warner , includind remedies and a 1884-5 calendar. One copy is still wrapped in the brown paper it was handed out in. Any idea if there is any value in these.


  8. Hello! I’ve found a Warner’s bottle by digging in my garden yesterday. The bottle is about 7,5 inches and green coloured. The caption is: Warner’s Safe Nervine Frankfurt. I think it is the bottle shown under: https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/category/colors/
    Does anybody know were you can check the worth of this bottle? It has a lot of scratches and the caption is a litlle bit chippy.

    Thank you for your help


    • Tobi,

      From your description, it sounds like you found a nice bottle and a pretty rare one as well. You could look in the Warner’s Reference Guide by Ojea/Stecher; however, that book is now out of print. The value of the bottle will depend on condition and it sounds like there may be scratches and chips. Even so, the bottle could be worth $1000+ if you can find a collector to purchase it. Send me some pictures if you can.


  9. Good day. I wondered if you could answer me a question? I have a Warner’s 3 city diabetes cure bottle in great shape. The cities are London, Rochester and Toronto. Could you give me an approximate value please. Thank you in advance.

    • Kim,

      The 3-Cities Diabetes Cure is a nice bottle and you don’t see too many of them. Value always depends on condition, but your question says the bottle is in “great shape”, so I think it would be valued in the $400-500 range for the right collector. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Thank you for your prompt reply regarding my 3 city Warner’s diabetes bottle. Other than eBay where can someone sell a bottle?

      • Kim,
        Ebay is the fastest place to sell it, although it depends on having the right seller see it. You may end up taking less for the bottle than you might get at a show, but I have also seen Warner’s go for more than I would have paid for them. So there is an element of chance related to eBay. The next best place is an antique bottle show, but that means getting to the show and either being a dealer or getting a dealer to put your bottle on his table, which may require giving him a small percentage of the sale price. If you are not a regular collector, eBay may be your best bet.

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