Warner’s Foreign Offices: London (1882 – 1939?)

Warner\'s Safe Cure Advertisement from LondonWarner\'s Safe Cure Advertisement from London (1896)Perhaps one of Warner’s most prestigious foreign branches was his London office opened in 1882. Not only was the office in a major world capital, but it produced some, if not most of the most colorful Warner’s available to collectors. (See Warner Colors). This includes 40 oz. Animal Cures in various shades of amber and green, the Safe Cure in pint and half-pint in amber, shades or green and aqua, the Diabetes Cure in pints in shades of amber to green, the Nervine in pint and half-pint in shades of amber and green, the Rheumatic Cure in pints in shades of amber and green, two sizes of Compound and sample miniatures in amber and green.

Over the course of its existence until the 1930’s, the London office shifted its locations around the City. According to research based upon Warner advertising and London City Directories, H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd. operated out of the following locations:

1885   81 Southhampton Row, WC

1889, 1899, 1902   86 Clarkenwell Road, EC

1909, 1914, 1920 and 1923   18 & 20 Laystall Street, Rosebury Avenue, EC

1927   18 Laystall Street, EC1

1931-1932   18 &20 Laystall Street, EC1 (Space shared with M. F. Frederick, Mechanical Engineer)

1934    18 & 20 Laystall Street, EC1

1939    63a Hall Road, Peckham SE15

See http://bottlediggers.netfirms.com/cures.html. In addition to supplying the Safe Cure needs of the Brits, the London office apparently also supplied Safe Cure across the English Channel to France and possibly to Belgium and Switzerland as well.

I have attached a copy of what was likely an insert in a box of Safe Cure or Safe Compound. I have also enlarged part of the flyer. This flyer is particularly interesting on three fronts. First, although it does not include a copywrite or publication date, it states “Renowned for Nearly Fifty Years.” Assuming we use 1879 as the date when Warner first introduced his medicines to the public (in Rochester), that would suggest this insert dates to the late 1920’s. Second, this also confirms that he operated out of the 18 & 20 Laystall Street address well into the 20th Century. Finally, it suggests that Warner’s London office was still supplying products to Paris, Kreuzlingen and Brussels after the turn of the last century. This likely accounts for the wide variety of Safe Remedies bottles from London.


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