Warner’s Colors 3: Great Greens

Emerald Green London Safe CurePale Green 4-Cities Safe CureApple Green London Safe CureGrass Green Safe RemedyI guess that everyone is partial to a certain color of bottle and I am no exception. As Warner’s go, I have to go with the greens. That’s not to say that I’m not fond of the ambers or clears, but the range of greens among Warner’s is truly amazing. They run from grass green to apple green to blue green to dark olive. What is more, no particular city seems to have a monopoly on the best greens. As you know if you have read my earlier posts, I am fond of the London colors, but there are great greens out of Frankfurt, Pressburg and Rochester as well. Even some 4-Cities can be accurately characterized as shades of green. Not to belabor the point, I have attached a few of the great greens.

Top left to right: Emerald Green London Safe Cure; Pale Green 4-Cities Labelled Safe Cure; Apple Green London Safe Cure.

Bottom: Grass Green Rochester Safe Kidney & Liver Remedy.


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