Warner’s Reference Guide

Whether you are new to collecting Warner’s Safe Cures or a seasoned professional, having a comprehensive guide to help you know what’s available is essential. In an earlier posting, I talked about the guide published by Mike Seeliger in 1974. I still have my copy of Mike’s book (which he autographed) and value it, because it provides an appreciation of our knowledge about the universe of Warner’s Safe Cures that have surfaced in the last 30 years. More recently, Ed Ojea and Jack Stecher published the Warner’s Reference Guide, which picked up where Seeliger left off and added color photographs. The Guide has already been through several editions and really is a great resource.

If you put the Guide up against Seeliger’s book, you are struck by the fact that new Warner’s have surfaced that were unknown to Mike in 1974. For example, a half-pint 3 Cities Nervine, a pint Frankfurt Diabetes, a half-pint Frankfurt Nervine, Pressburg Safe Cures in green and aqua, 4 Cities Nervine and Rheumatic pints to name a few. I don’t say this to question Mike’s research, which was groundbreaking, but rather to point up the fact that Warner’s Safe Cures are a dynamic group of bottles. There may still be other varients that are, as yet, undiscovered.  I think you will find that the information along contained in the Warner’s Reference Guide is worth the price of admission. The research and time devoted to assembling this Guide was substantial and Ed and Jack are to be commended.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Reference Guide, please contact Ed directly by email at edojea@charter.net or edojea@aol.com.  


6 thoughts on “Warner’s Reference Guide

  1. I have seen a “black” 4 cities warners safe diabetic cure for sale recently. How rare are the so called “black” 4 city warners safe diabetic cure bottles.

    • Peter,

      Aside from the 4-Cities Rheumatic, the 4-Cities Diabetes is the rarest of the Dundein bottles. Ojea/Stecher (1998) rate it as “Rare,” which they define as seldom found. Accordingly, I would consider this a rare bottle regardless of color. With so few around, its hard to say how the shade of amber would effect the rarity, since it is already considered one of the most difficult to obtain. Depending on the price and overall condition, I think it would be worth buying. Hope that helps.


  2. Peter,

    Mine is a lighter amber as well. My collection does include some color variations of the same bottles, so the black 4-Cities might be worth picking up if the price is right.


    • Joe,
      Unfortunately, the Warner’s Reference Guide is out of print. It went through a few editions, but Ed Ojea and Jack Stecher stopped producing it about 6 years ago. Occasionally a copy shows up on eBay. The next best thing is Ed’s online site at: http://warnersreferenceguide.blogspot.com/. This provides a lot of the same information. Be mindful, however, that any values listed may be dated. I am not sure how often Ed updates the site. Hope that helps.


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