The Rarest Warner’s

Warner\'s Safe Pressburg Labelled PairWarner\'s Safe Cure London Aqua PintEven before I started this blog, I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of the Top 10 Rarest Warner’s.  I know what you’re thinking – not another list. For those of you who are not “list” people, I get it and appreciate the argument that lists are inherently subjective and therefore misleading. I concede the point, but I still want to put together a list and would welcome input for all the Warner’s collectors out there.

So, if you were putting your own Top 10 list together, what would you include?  How do you judge rarity?  For starters, rarity among Warner’s and for that matter any category of bottle is based on market availability. Undoubtedly, the low end of that scale is solidly anchored by the unbiquitous Kidney & Liver Cure from Rochester. You cannot go to a bottle show anywhere (at least not in the United States) that one of these wonderful, but basic Warner’s staples is not gracing a dealer table. It is the seed from which any Warner’s collection springs. However, which bottles occupy the other end of that same spectrum? A Pressburg Diabetes Cure? Perhaps a Frankfurt Nervine or a 4-Cities Rheumatic Cure?

Rarity is not only based upon the scarcity of a particular Warner’s bottle, but may also be based on the fact that a bottle is labelled or is a mold error.  All of these things factor into the decision of which are the rarests and most prized among Warner’s collectors. Let me know what you think are the Top 10 and why. Although everyone’s list may not match up exactly, I suspect that there will be considerable overlap among lists. Let me hear from you!

The photo of the labelled Pressburgs is courtesy of Dave Kyle and the aqua London Safe Cure pint is courtesy of Ed Ojea.


7 thoughts on “The Rarest Warner’s

  1. I am curious as to why I can’t find any pics of the Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure from Rochester NY medicine bottle. I found one and was curious as to its value.

  2. Cathy,

    The Rochester Diabetes Cure is a good bottle and more difficult to get than the the Kidney & Liver Cure. As with all bottles, condition of the bottle can significantly effect its value. Also, the earlier Diabetes Cure with the full slug plate, double collar and A&DHC (Chambers Works) embossing on the base of the bottle will price higher. The most recent Warner’s Reference Guide I have puts the price at $90-$125. Hope that helps.

  3. Peter,

    The 4-Cities Diabetes is a great find. It is second only to the 4-Cities Rheumatic Cure in rarity. Condition is important. In mint condition, you are probably talking in the range of $500 (US), dug condition may be less depending on how well it cleans up. All in all, a very nice bottle that is not easy to get.


  4. I have 2 X 4-Cities Diabetic Cure. One is a light brown in good condition and the other is black glass in near mint condition. I have been told that the black glass one is very rare, is that correct?

  5. Peter,

    The 4-Cities bottles tend to be light amber, although I have occasionally seen them in dark amber or black. I am not sure how much rarer the dark amber are since the 4-Cities (Rheumatic, Diabetes and Nervine) are considered pretty rare to begin with. I am not aware that dark amber versions fetch a higher price.


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