The Great Warner’s Safe Cure Exhibit – April 21, 2001

Great Warner’s Safe Cure ExhibitorsWarner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001Warner\'s Exhbit 2001Warner\'s Exhibit 2001In April, 2001, the stars aligned to produce one of the great Warner’s Safe Cure exhibits yet assembled. The exhibit was the brain child of Jack Stecher, who was President of the Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Association that year and one of the most avid Warner’s collectors.  I have seen some great Warner’s displays over the years, but I have never seen a display that compared to this one. It was not just a vast collection of Warner’s bottles, but a collection of the rarest of the rare including labelled bottles of every variety and rare colors. It included perhaps the largest group of Animal Cures assembled in one place as well as a complete array of labelled Log Cabin Remedies.

Jack had planned the display to a tee. He had invited some of the most renowned collectors including Andy Lange (Massachusetts), Dave Kyle (California), Terry McMurray (New York) and, of course, Mike Seeliger (Wisconsin). Each of us brought Warner’s that were unique or unusual in some way, by label or color, or just plain rare. In addition to the bottles was an unmatched collection of Warner’s Safe advertising items including posters, almanacs, wooden boxes, flyers, books and signs. Jack had also secured a number of wonderful display cases. When assembled, the display was nothing short of phenomenal and was featured in a subsequent issue of Antique Bottle & Glass Collector.

While my pictures give you some concept of the scope of this display, they really don’t do it justice. While I can’t say that its like will not be assembled again, several of the participants have broken up their collections, so it seems unlikely. Even so, for those who participated and those who experienced the exhibit, it was a treat.

The group photo (from left to right): Andy Lange, Dave Kyle, Jack Stecher, Terry McMurray, Mike Seeliger and Steve Jackson. Bob Sheffield also participated but is not pictured.


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