The Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire: Foreign Offices (Part IV)

The success of Warner’s Safe Remedies in the United States encouraged Warner to expand his operation abroad. In 1883, the same year that he introduced his Rheumatic Cure and his Tippecanoe Bitters, he established offices in London and Toronto. Bottles from the Toronto office are often referred to as “3 Cities,” because they are embossed with the three then existing Warner offices: Rochester, NY, London, England and Toronto, Canada. Bottles from London are embossed with that city only.

Other foreign offices soon followed London and Toronto. In his book, Seeliger provides a list of Warner’s foreign offices and their approximate dates of operation:

Rochester, N.Y.          1879-1944

Toronto, Canada        1882-1939

London, England        1883-1930’s

Melbourne, Australia 1887-1915

Frankfurt, Germany  1887-1900

Kreuslingen, Switzerland  1891-1900

Dundein, New Zealand   1891-1900

Pressburg, Hungary  1888-1890

To my knowledge, no bottles have ever surfaced that bear the embossing “Kreuslingen”. Bottles from the Dundein office do not bear that city’s name, but rather are embossed “Melbourne, Aus., London, Eng., Toronto, Can., Rochester, N.Y. U.S.A.” and often referred to as “4-Cities.” Warner’s 1891 Almanac also listed an office in Rangoon, Burma, but as with Switzerland, I am aware of no bottles with that embossing.  There is also evidence that Warner marketed his remedies in other countries such as France, Mexico and perhaps even South America.

The 1891 Almanac was not exaggerating when it boasted “Warner’s Safe Cure…..Belts the Globe.”

NOTE: In light of recent information provided by Wayne Harris in Australia, I have revised the closing date of the Toronto Office from the 1920’s to 1939. [10/2/08].


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