The Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire: Product Line (Part III)

Safe Cure Half Pint (Rochester)Log Cabin Hops & BuchuLog Cabin ExtractLog Cabin Liver PillsAs any serious Warner collector knows, the range and variety of Warner Safe Remedies products was extensive, especially given the fact that products were produced and marketed not only from Rochester, but also from numerous other foreign offices. Warner’s original product line included the Safe Kidney & Liver Cure (also know as the Safe Cure), Safe Pills, Safe Nervine, Safe Bitters and Safe Diabetes Cure.

Safe Pills were Warner’s constipation remedy. Nervine was designed as a sedative to deal with headache and tremors. Atwater notes that “[o]riginally, the [Warner] firm had planned to market both a Safe Tonic and a Safe Bitters, although advertisements from 1879 onward mention only a combined Safe Tonic Bitters.” Tippecanoe Bitters replaced the Safe Tonic Bitters in 1885 and was available in two grades: “XXX” and “The Best”.  In 1885, Warner added a Safe Throatine, Safe Rheumatic Cure and Animal Cure.

The Log Cabin Remedies line hit the shelves in 1887 and drew upon the romantic image of self-sufficient pioneers. The line included Log Cabin Sarsaparilla, Hops & Buchu Remedy, Cough & Consumption Remedy, Log Cabin Extract, Log Cabin Rose Cream (for catarrh), Hair Tonic, Plasters and Liver Pills.

The varieties of pills retailed for 25 cents (around $5.00 today), the Rose Cream sold for 50 cents and the others for $1.00, except for the Safe Kidney & Liver Cure and Diabetes Cure that sold for $1.25 (around $27.00 today). In addition, the Nervine, the Bitters, the Cough & Consumption Remedy and the Extract were also available in 50 cent sizes.

Photos of Half Pint Safe Cure and Log Cabin Hops & Buchu Remedy courtesy of Glass Works Auctions.


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