Warner’s Colors

Colorful London Safe CuresColorful London Safe CuresFor those who think that Warners are best defined by the amber Kidney & Liver Cure that you see at almost every bottle show,  you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  Warner’s Safe Cures from around the world come in a wonderful array of colors ranging from clear, to aqua, to emerald green, to puce and on and on. For my money, the source of the best variety of colors in the Warner empire was the London office. I will talk about London in future posts, but I am astounded by the color variations that bear the London name. Above is a small sample of half pint London Warners. Let me know what you think?


One thought on “Warner’s Colors

  1. I have a london half pint in the same color as the one in the second picture second from the left of that same picture. I dug it in 1967 from a lot in old Sacramento, when they tore down skid row for the I -5 interstate highway thru town.I suppose it came over here on one of the many foreeign ships that called on Sacto in its early days…….Andy Volkerts

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